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Handyman London is committed to honesty, quality and reliability – and that means fair charges, transparently quoted. Any Handyman London job you book, including emergency callouts in the middle of the night, will be quoted to give you a ballpark figure before you take the job on. Please feel free to ask your Handyman London tradesperson to confirm his or her quote prior to commencing your job.

Because we employ a number of different tradespeople, with the expertise to carry out all the home repairs and maintenance jobs you need, our prices are within a range of hourly rates. Our minimum hourly rate is £25 per hour; and our maximum hourly rate is £30. For emergency callouts, we may charge night rates depending on the work. As with all of our maintenance and repair work, please ask your Handyman London tradesperson for a quote prior to booking your callout.

Pricing your job

If our tradespeople are unable to give you an accurate quote on the phone, they’ll ask to come and assess the situation in person. This gives us the chance to forecast how long your works will take, and if there are any unexpected obstacles or problems that may make the job more complicated than it may otherwise have been.

All Handyman London employees will give you a complete and accurate quote before the commencement of works. You are under no obligation to accept this quote. However, once you have accepted a quote for repair, maintenance or installation you are entered into a contract with Handyman London and the tradesperson or people we have sent to do your job.

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes there is. Handyman London charges a minimum two hour fee of £50, based on the lowest hourly rate of our tradespeople. There is no obligation to use our services, or pay us anything, if you have called us out to give you a quote or to inspect your property. The minimum charge applies for works only.

Please contact us for quotes or more information. Quotes for emergency callouts can be requested on our mobile hotline.

Emergency charges

In certain situations – for example an emergency callout in the middle of the night to fix a lock or stop a leaking toilet – we may charge a night-time callout fee or unsociable hours supplement. As with all of our quotes, we’ll give you an idea of how much your callout could cost when you ring us.

Parking charges

If we need to pay the congestion charge, or parking charges, while working in or at your property, we’ll add the fees to your final invoice.

Handyman London – protecting your property

Our reputation is our most valuable asset. We’ve built our good name through years of hard work and dedication. In the extremely unlikely event that any of our work falls below the standard you expect, we will rectify it ourselves at no cost to you.

When we vet our tradespeople for employment under the Handyman London name, we look not just at the quality of their work, and their level of experience within their trade, but the way they treat and bill their customers. You can rest assured that when you book work from Handyman London, you’re dealing only with thoroughly tested and pre-approved service providers: people we’re happy to employ under our precious name.

Your peace of mind is worth everything to us

Handyman London’s qualified employees will always arrive on time, in recognisable Handyman London uniforms and in vehicles that bear the Handyman London logo. In transit, we’ll keep you updated on our ETA so you always know if traffic is slowing us down.

All work is insured and delivered within the timeframe agreed. We will always inform you if we discover hidden problems during the course of your installation/maintenance/repair work that may require a revised completion time.

The Handyman London name is your guarantee of absolute quality, absolute reliability and absolute value.

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